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CT CJSA Return to Play Requirements
by posted 06/25/2020

PSC Dynamo Return to Play!!!

We are required to make the following information available to all members prior to reopening.

- <NEW 7/8/20> - Return to play phase 2 CJSA guidelines now available here:http://www.cjsa.org/doclib/CJSA%20Club%20Certification%20-%20RTP%20Phase%202.pdf

- All CJSA return to play guidelines and club requirements can be found on the CJSA website via this link:  http://www.cjsa.org/home.php

- Dynamo players (with parental support), managers and coaches are required to 'self assess' before attending each practice.  Parents are encouraged to take players' temperature before each practice.  You are also encouraged to utilize this helpful 'COVID 19 self assessment tool' provided by CJSA and the mayo clinic:  https://www.mayoclinic.org/covid-19-self-assessment-tool

- All players MUST sign the CJSA COVID 19 waiver and provide to your team manager at your first practice.  This will be emailed to all club members.

- Prospect Soccer Club Covid Director is Dan Barrows - he can be reached at or 203-915-9778 for any questions related to club Covid compliance.


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